A big welcome to my P1800 pages. Hopefully the information, mainly in pictures as it happens, will inform & inspire in the manner intended. Apologies now for some of the photos - I blame my inability with a camera. That and my lack of time to perfect skills in Photoshop. Some of the pictures are a little bizarre and may well take you a while to figure out just what it is you are looking at. But it's OK, that's normal!

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As first found & coming apart...
Brakes & Axles
Driver-side bodywork
Passenger-side bodywork

Getting attention (rebuild!)
Brakes & Axles on the mend
Driver-side (front)
Driver-side (rear + floor)
Driver-side all new (almost)
Passenger-side (front)
Passenger-side (rear + floor)

That long awaited final stage...
Paintshop Preamble
Paintshop Results
All that chrome going back on...

Bits & Pieces
Those NEW parts!
Black & Whites
Injector Seal Replacement

A pictorial events diary of a 1970 Volvo 1800E

Get me out of here... Collecting the beast - End of July 1999. Car had rested in the barn behind for several years. Run occasionally etc. A couple of shots of car loading the Swedish way. Looking good maybe but appearances are deceptive!

Rear view Going up Being tied down home for how long?

The car's history: 4 or 5 previous owners, never been far from Gothenburg in all its days. Original colour (Volvo #100), original B20E engine. 160,000kms on the clock. Known problems: seized brakes, fuel-pump noisy, sills rotten. The rear of the car had been repaired & resprayed due to collision damage sometime ago. An excellent lead led to a heated and well equiped garage being located not far from work. So here goes...(or how it went...)

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