Utter carnage beneath the shiny outer.... realisation of the thorough rebuild required Back
Driver side footwell Seats and carpets removed Passenger side footwell
Footwells with sound-deadening chipped off. Rust from the drivers' side floorpan was cut out before having taken a photograph! Otherwise the interior was in good shape.
Footwell/front sill rot Floorpan cut-away Fitting new chassis 1.5mm plate
Floorpan cut-away to show the electrics beneath the dashboard. It became apparent that the chassis section needed replacing along with the outrigger (already removed here).
Rear sill rot Mid sill inner rot Front inner sill rot
Demoralising photographs: The drivers' side is reknown for being the worst for rust in a car driven for years in Sweden. The lack of form in many places made it difficult to know what shape to rebuild to. Some places had been patched up previously.
Last of the original outer Cut-away outer sill Outer sill removed
Committing to some serious grinder-work on the mid outer sill. It had to be done to replace the affected rocker-panel areas beneath it. The mid outer section extends by about 6 inches inside each of the front and rear wings meaning they too had to be chopped to allow access.