Continuing on with shaping each piece firstly cut in card-board, transferring the outline to 1mm plate, cutting out the steel, the laborious task of grind-to-fit and finally welding each piece into place: The rear of the sill and the floor-pan gradually come back into shape.
Affected rear sill area Affected rear sill area Rear sill side piece Sill back-end piece Rear of sill zinc sprayed
Originally I thought the rear of the sill would be 'not so bad' - but it all got chopped out, inner and outer, as it was... bad. The most difficult part of reconstruction was getting the curves right, especially on that end piece. Then I covered it all that fine welding with zinc as usual.
Each piece made to fit Floor panel egde welded-up 'Square' under brake pedal One piece to go Driver-side floor back in!
The floor section was tackled next and was in bad shape too. The whole area where the outrigger jacking-point below fits had to be cut out and replaced along with the outside edge back towards the handbrake. The 'square' section was thin enough to shine light through so I figured why not. This seems to be a weak area below the throttle pedal where the floor changes angle from the chassis beneath forming an area vunerable to rot.