The first side of the car to receive attention. After recovering from the shock of what lay beneath the outer sill, a plan of action was needed: (not neccesarily in order...)

1) Learn to weld
2) Get started before the car collapses
3) Keep on keeping on...
Inner-sill renewed Outer sill ready to reconstruct Door pillar extension
After cutting out all the rust affected areas the first new pieces of steel were cut from 1.5mm plate used for the inner sill. The white-looking colour is zinc, used to stop the panels from rusting. The above left picture also shows pieces formed and welded to the outer sill.
Front corner of inner sill Splash plate bracket mounted Front corner complete
With the inner sill in place the outer sill was reconstructed in small manageable pieces.The lower edge has been left purposely too low and will be trimmed later.