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One of the splash-plates Splash-plates: The original ones came off easy enough - worthy of photos themselves. One day. Not much left of them mind you.

Picked up the backing-plates from a dealer up in central Sweden. I was assured they would fit (with a little modification) and actually have part numbers from a Volvo 140. Apart from checking caliper clearance there wasn't much needed trimming to make them fit.
Rear Backing-Plates from 140

Well these parts below are what you need IF you are gonna rebuild your inner/outer sills (rocker panels). The precision was excellent thankfully and helped tremendously when trying to figure out the dimensions of non-existent inner-sill voids! Try it, you'll know what I mean. For example they give a good idea of how low the sill actually needs to go, a dimension you don't have if it's all rusted away over the last 30-odd years! Each was stripped of the paint they were supplied with (metal oxide) and given several coats of zinc ground primer. A good coating of 'tektyl' or 'wax-oil' once fitted should make them last a few years.

The head-light surrounds and front indicator light mounting plates shown below are new to this page.
These were spot-welded into place to provide the backbone for the areas' rebuild.
The green markings were just my method of getting the alignment correct.

Repair panel, nearside front New outer sill, nearside Repair panel, nearside rear
Repair panel, offside rear New outer sill, offside Repair panel, offside front Headlight and indicator mounting brackets
Other parts on the way.