Who said that the driver's side was always the worst affected in a car driven in Sweden? Back
Outer sill chopped on passenger-side Yuck, look at this... Hmmm, seen this before...
This side was attacked in more of a brutal fashion and as I could almost push my finger through the outer sill I'm not sure why I was so disheartened. Should of known better.
Front wing had to go too Crossmember/chassis 'weakness' Floor cutaway
The front wing was showing serious signs of rust etc but with the experience gained already from the driver-side work I had no hesitation in chopping this off. Be sure you have the replacement part first mind you. The jacking-point cross-member had to go as did the part of the chassis it was welded too. The shapes cut out from the floorpan look familiar don't they? All exactly the same positions as per the driver's side. Strange.
Inner sill surgery Outer sill surgery Wallop!
Yeah well let's get on with it. The sooner it's out the sooner we can start to put it back together. Still, whatever the mentality it's not very pleasant. How much more welding?
Rear end of sill Doesn't look too bad... Oh not again!
I originally figured the back-end may be OK in a last ditch attempt to hurry the job up. Realistically the back wing section had to come off to fit the mid sill section anyway. And I am glad I took it off as some of what was found was paper-thin rust (again). Notice the front anti-rollbar towel holder and the box of bits cut off so far!