Rebuild of passenger rear-sill, floor areas and whatever else needed it at the time! Back

I carved away as much rust as was necessary here - to be able to weld to what was left. This was not always the case as what was left is often much thinner than you see; it looks OK but the welder just burns it away like butter, meaning you have to fill. The rear floor needed attention, mainly in the areas where the plastic plugs are situated especially under the seat mounting brackets. The corner beside the rear seat bracket had to be rebuilt. Tricky but possible. The rear of the rocker-panel was very similar to the driver-side experience. This was reconstructed with 1mm sheet steel. The outer sill part needed more attention what with all those bends and the rear flange. Looks good though when done.
Rear floorpan Backseat corner rust Rear inner sill carnage Rear inner sill carnage Rear inner sill complete
Pizza-box template Outer rear sill piece Outer rear sill piece in position Outer rear sill welded Rear sill end Rear sill done
The plate for the rear section of the sill was attached by driling holes and welding through to the flanges on the inner and outer pieces already in position. A couple of extra pieces were used here to to complete the corner area and some rust spreading up around the wheel-arch.
Putting in the last piece of the floor. Gratifying work that. You actually feel like you've achieved something after all those long nights of hard labour. Difficult to keep the piece true as it is fairly long and being 1mm out at one end can make a big difference to the fit at the other end. When welding such a large piece, it helps to spot-weld it in many places to hold it firm, else it will warp; fitting the outrigger below could then be even more fun. Prepare the outrigger as well as you can as you'll never see the insides of it again. Welding upside-down, now that's a laugh.
One piece to go Last floor piece Last floor piece done (top) Last floor piece done (below)
Outrigger preparation Outrigger fitting Outrigger fitting Outrigger welded
Rear wheelarch prepared Rear wheelarch welded (left) Typical rust spot behind rear wheelarch. Hardest part here is the access for a suitable cutting tool. Very strong when done though.