With the drivers' side more-or-less completed, the passengers' side was set upon without (so much) hesitation. You know how deep you can let the grinder go when you've done it before in the not too distant past and you also know kinda what to expect..... Or do you?
Floor cuts, big hole. Chassis cut and ready Chassis piece in Front inner sill in Front inner sill from below
The rust affect areas were cut out and once again the first new pieces of steel were cut from 1.5mm plate used for the inner sill. Notice the square plate required to cover the chassis. The actual floor section was welded directly above this with a further piece. 1.5mm plate was also used for the chassis section. The blue paint is some kind of high temperature weld primer.
Yeah OK, me at work Mid sill cut Ready with mid sill cutting Outer sill bend formed New pieces welded on
For some reason I always worked from the front-end backwards. Psychological I suppose what with the back-end being the most difficult to reconstruct. For any one attempting this on their car, spend a little time thinking about how low the outer sill bend actually has to go. Mine are actually a bit high which may cause problems when fitting the outer sill piece.