What we've all been waiting for (or at least I have!) Back
And so a few months later, after the summer break and all that (when 99% of Swedish firms close shop for their summer vacation) back she comes. Can't say I was best impressed. I only had photos to go by and they're not ideal to be telling the state of a cars' paint-job by. Only caught up with the car last Christmas time when visited family for the festive period... and then it hit me what a nice clean, no imperfections kinda job it was. I forgot that they put the windscreens back in for me too. Interesting though about the different shades this original Volvo colour makes from the different angles. Must admit some are 'wow' whilst others a little drab. Certainly will stand out from the crowd don't you think?
my wife calls this the 'monster' boot & rear quarter nearside front nearside rear
but of course it doesn't look like much.... delivered back to the garage ...without all the chrome and trim back in place!
back home offside forward offside rear windscreen bonnet/hood

Check out the even more shiny stuff...