At last, early summer 2004, away she goes to the paint shop Back
I wasn't around in Sweden to witness this happening, what with setting up my own firm as an electrician back in Wales. Many thanks to my father-in-law, Håkan who researched the ins & outs, possibilities etc of how to make this happen to a set price with the right results.

full frontal bonnet (hood) dents near-side off-side front ready to go!
Well what to say don't know really. Just that all the grey paint is a cheap and quick "grundfärj" surface primer mixed with zinc to try and prevent all the hard work from going backwards. Hard to say what I felt at this time during the renovation except that I went from times of nearly giving up and putting her up for sale in this unfinished state to wondering how I was going to get the process rolling again (from across the north sea) and get someone tidy enough to take her on for a respray without fleecing us. Looking at the photos, the cream stuff is the original filler exposed after I took away the paint layers, covering me in fine dust. Some of the original filler was almost 10mm (1/2 inch) deep in places. I guess she could have been done up before (in a previous half hearted quick fix session) or that when they were made they were so "out of line" that that depth of filler was needed to get the finished lines somewhere near... or am I guessing?
you know I'm a poor man... door alignment offside straight side? door alignment nearside not much filler really
Again, not much to say bar it's worth mentioning that the paintshop boys were quite impressed that they couldn't find any rust on her; did make me smile a bit that one. But not too much as there's always more hiding someplace. We tried to true the doors up as best be could but it shouldn't be your main concern as they get taken off the car and sprayd up separately then reassembled when the paint is all done and hardened after the kilning process or whatever they do... Nice of them to put back at least two of the door-hinge bolts in each door (the others I found under the seats to my relief). But they did a grand job getting the bonnet (hood) to sit right. Rather them than me.