And now the real fun bit... Careful not to scratch her now... Back
Again I'm sort of lost for words... this is pure delight. Buffing up the chrome stuff (and bearing in mind all this is original) You have to smile at some of the imprefections and corrosion marks but I can't afford to change stuff that's fine bar a mark or two. Makes it more authentic doesn't it? Wheels have been removed and blasted and powder coated since these photos were taken and are looking just fine by all accounts. offside rear complete Aerial photography just the headlight to rewire
The only new bit's I did go and get new were the clips for the chrome spears. Mainly as the original ones were so so rusty and that's not good to have against newly painted bodywork is it! Of course the bumpers took some re-assembling and getting straight once I'd figured out how it all went back together. Having nearly two years off from a project is not such a clever idea. You forget a lot not just where you stored all this stuff. back end completed shiny snout! Håkan & p1800E
The engine room was cleaned up and engine tuned and timing done before she went to the paintshop. This mainly as I didn't want to be leaning over the newly painted wings trying to get her going. The paintshop process has left a fair amount of dust and residue in there but I guess I can live with that. The door windows were good fun. Again having such a long gap in a project like this means you forget how you took things apart! dusty engine room boot-lid catch adjustments door windows!