This website was first created the 16th January 2000
Last updated: 17th March 2002. It's soon spring in Sweden.

At least it's all done with HTML in notepad!
And hey, there's Java 'SCRIPT' here too...

Apologies for having taken so long to get it Explorer friendly -
most of the work has been done using Netscape 4.7

Thanks to various folk for their help in various ways:
including Timo, Niclas, Anthony....

A little patience is required when loading up the car pages...

Major restructuring and new pages on last update.

Two further pages: new parts & brakes reassembly.

The black & white "picture-show".
More car stuff: passenger side (rear of sill and floor pan) rebuild.

The all new 'Buddies' page!

More car stuff: Driver side - all new panels and not bad either. Sorry about the long periods with no change here. Working too hard you see. But I do feel guilty if that's any consolation.

Added the counter. After months of trying to figure it out. Upgraded to Netscape 6.2
It's very cold in Sweden. Again.

More car stuff: Headlights stuff sometime ago.
Scrapped Netscape 6.2, back with 4.7
Page on injector seal replacement.

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